Prague beyond the tourist attractions: 11 Stars of Czech Beer, Wine and Food

October 29, 2015

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Prague is both the capital of the Bohemian region and the Cezch Republic –formerly part of Czechoslovakia-, and perhaps the european city that have seen the biggest growth in foreign visitors in the last decades.prague-4

With its uniquely preserved historical centre being part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, Prague is the beautiful combination of the scents of medieval and classic times with the steadily arising pace of modernity.


A surprising and seductive city that keeps the legacy of its ancient roots while steadily earning its place in the new Century.isle

Owning a wide, rich and diverse gastronomic history, it’s hard to pick just a few places in Prague where one should go eating and drinking when visiting the city.

Anyway, thinking on limited schedule, we must narrow our choices to those options which offer a distinctive factor.

Within the following list you’ll find the restaurants and bars that guarantee best quality for your money.

No luxury restaurants, no low budget options : just great food and drinks for a reasonable price.

So, about eating in Prague…

I will start with two unmatched places when our priority is eating “with a view” :

Hergetova Cihelna

Coming from the Old Town across Charles Bridge, Hergetova Cihelna is ckearly visible on the far side of the anti-flood wall, on our right.

Hergetova cihelna fountain

A large restaurant with 300+ places, 170 of them outside at a terrace, plus another 50 at the “boathouse”.

While inside it is a quite nice restaurant, the reason why we are going here is to seat at the outside terrace, even in mild cold weather since it has space heaters, so being the ideal place to be thrilled by the spectacular views of the river Vlatva and the Charles Bridge.hergetova

For me dinner is the best time to go, when the views of the illuminated bridge and Old Town are breathtaking, and you can enjoy at its best the peaceful, relaxed ambiance. If you cannot manage to go at night, the scene is beautiful during daylight as you can see… hergetova-cihelna

No special food suggestions here, since it has “International Cuisine”, also offering a kids menu and a pizza and pasta “Lounge” menu.

Advice : during summer, it is a must to make reservations in advance.

Address : Cihelna 2b


U Zlate Studne (Golden Well).

Placed atop a 16th Century building, this restaurant takes advantage of the view, with its large windows and a wide outside terrace –not always available for use, so be advised to check before going there-. u-zlate-studne

The place offers a modern and appealing ambiance. Inside it has a quite small room with space for only 26 people, while the outside terrace may accomodate another 40.

While each table has a great view -thanks to the reduced size of the saloon and terrace-, we should go for those close to the railings since they achieve direct rooftop and Old Town views, just take in consideration that those are obviously the most demanded ones.

U Zlate Studne

The restaurant offers two menus : “Degustation” and “a la Carte”.

The first one is the most expensive but, if you are ready to spend some additional Czech crowns, is beyond doubt one of the best options you might find in Prague, delivering a clever and skillful variety of seafood, meats, and seasonal options, not to forget some great desserts.

The “a la Carte” menu has traditional Czech offerings like confit of duck and beef sirloin.the signature meal .

My suggestion : spend a bit more, and go for the degustation menu. Or write down this one : “Royal Steak (Black Angus) with Foie Gras “Rougie”, potato Puree with Opulent Truffles from Piemonte and Baron Philippe de Rothschild Sauternes Sauce” -yes, the name is real, and the steak is awsome-.

Address : U Zlate studne 166/4


Restaurants offering simply the best cuisine :

U Modre Kachnicky II


A classic atmosphere, from it’s antique furniture to the blue on the walls to the cozy dining room with wood beam ceiling downstairs, to the more private places upstairs.U-Modre-Kachnicky-II-2

The name -meaning The Little Blue Duck II- proclaims what to expect to find here.

They not only have a wide variety of duck options -I counted seven choices the last time- but wild game meats like deer and boar, and also veal, pork, rabbit and lamb plates.

You will find a smooth service, and live piano most evenings.

My suggestion: try the “Degustation Menu”, an 8-course plus dessert selection of the chefs choices. Or go for the wild boar goulash with red wine and crakling dumplings.

Address : Michalska 16


U Modre Ruze (In the Blue Rose) U-Modre-Ruze


Here yo can enjoy a cavern-style restaurant situated in a gothic cellar within a historic 600 year old building, avoiding any sensation of confinement, since you don’t have to go down into a deep basement because the dining room is almost on the ground floor.

During the 15th Century the place was occupied by a small brewery with a beer pub.

The intimate ambiance is enhanced by the individual table lamps, the spacing between tables and the visual contrast given by the blue tablecloths. Definitely the place for those looking for the feel of dining in a Gothic cellar.U-Modre-Ruze2


Three main menus available : “a la Carte”, “Bohemian” and “Gourmet” menus, the last two being “fixed course and fixed price”

The Bohemian obviously offers Czech style food, while the Gourmet one includes the Chef choices of the international cuisine.

It also has live piano music.

My suggestion: anything including duck or pork, or check the Caesar Salad to see if they still prepare it with Tandoori chicken instead of the usual roasted one.

Address : Hotel Modrá Růže, Rytirska 16



Not visible from the street, so to find it you must know where you are going.

Located in the basement of the Municipal House, the restaurant was restored to its original Art Nouveau decor in the last years of the 20th Century.


One of the most beautiful Czech restaurants with boisserie, blue mosaic tiled Wall decorations, chandeliers, hand-carved chairs and wide Windows.Plzenska1



Surprisingly, although it’s aimed to tourists you’ll find very good prices.

The menu includes the most popular dishes of Czech cuisine, like Slices of roast beef with cream sauce served with cranberries, Beef goulash Prague style with roasted sausage and onion garnish, or Roast pork larded with sauerkraut, all of them served with home-made dumplings.

My suggestion : Pork tenderloin medallions served with baked potato and cream sauce with wild mushrooms and chanterelles. Or just go for the Beef goulash, why not?

Address : Municipal House, Namesti Republiky 5


Time for wineries and wine bars.

Advice: actual wine bars are named “Vinny Bar”. “Vinarna” and “Vinny Sklep” means that you can also find a few drinks, while the name “Vinoteka” usually means that the place sells wine but has no place to taste it.

Grand Cru


This is both a restaurant and wine bar, serving up international cuisine; but our main interest here is the wine bar section.

It offers sausages, home made pates, lightly smoked cheeses,while also show a carte with over 1,300 kinds of wines. grandcru21

The main attractive of this bar is that it is possible to taste such special and selected wines by the glass, since the restaurant owns an Enomatic wine machine, which keeps the uncorked bottles fresh for days.

As a bar it only opens on weekdays, while as a restaurant it is also open on Saturdays, both with a closing time of midnight.

Address : Lodecká 1181/4



A great place to taste Czech wines by the bottle or the glass, and also has a small selection of international bottles.


It’s not a fancy, trendy wine bar, but an unpretentious quality wine shop and an intimate wine bar with good prices, which really care about their offering of more tan 1,300 varieties of wines from all over the world.


With three establishments located in Prague and its surroundings – the Budečská and Lucerna wine bars and the Gourmet Černošice wine bar and café- Lucerna is still the most convenient for a glass of wine in historic surroundings.

Address : Pasáž Lucerna, Štěpánská 61


Národní Banka Vín (National Wine Bank)

Another great place in Prague to get the unique experience of drinking and eating in a 13th Century facility, this time in the cellars of the Monastery of the Knights of the Red Cross with the Red Star (Klášter Křížovníků s červenou hvězdou), located close to Charles’ Bridge.narodni-bv

The place -with a limited capacity for 100 guests- offers a classy atmosphere and selected wines from around the world.narodni-2

Experts not only in wines but also in the culinary art, so to give you the best match between your wine choices and the accompanying food.

Address : Platnéřská 191/4


Last, but obviously not least, the places to taste the best Czech beers.

Brewery U Fleků

By far the most famous brewery and restaurant in Prague, located close to the National Theatre, with space for more than 600 seats in its different halls, and a beer garden with room for another 500 people. U_Fleku-2ufleku



Obviously crowded and tourist-aimed.

They keep respecting today the original recipes for brewing. Founded in 1499, the brewery has been referred to as the oldest one in Prague.U-flekjpg-2

The local specialty is the U Fleků Flekovský Tmavý Ležák, which is considered one of the best Dunkel beers in the world, with a very dark brown color with a steady beige head.

Here you’ll find just average traditional Czech cuisine, but we already know that the main reason why it made its way in our list is their beer offering.

Address : Křemencova 11


Zly Casyzly

Located in Prague’s 4 district, a bit away from the tourist circuit but definitely worth the short trip.


Think on almost fifty draught beers from small Czech breweries, and bottled beers from all over the world, in a non-smoking environment.zly-casi1

A relaxed atmosphere, the bar’s popularity and tight seating places guarantee you will make some friends there -if only for that particular time-.

Once again, the food is nothing outstanding, but fine to go along with the beer.

Address : Čestmírova 390/5



Being the restaurant-bar with the largest terrace in Prague, it is located on top-floor of the not so appealing Kotva former communist department-store at the Namesti Republiky square, and you’ll have to take a bit pitiful lift to go there.


Now forget that environment. When you do get to the bar, a smart and changing selection of 9 draught and more than 50 bottled beers from all over the Czech Republic and the world will be waiting for you.

And, if you manage to get the privileged better placed seats, together with your beer you’ll have an amazing view of the Old Town and the Prague Castle. T-Anker

So, a fair selection of beers and a spectacular view.

Food? Meat dishes such as steak, snacks, risottos and salads. Quite good, no more no less.

Be aware that during summer a children’s play area is open -this meaning that you may probably find people with children there-.

Address : Republiky 656/8


I hope this short list will help you to get a better idea about the places and the choices you may prefer.

This city deserves a long stay, but we usually are traveling within a limited schedule, so -as stated earlier- this list includes just a few of the excellent restaurants and bars you can find in Prague.

As always, don’t rush, plan your trip right, and take the time to enjoy the most of all the amazing experiences Prague has to offer you.

And remember: life is about the journey, and not the destination…

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